Adams signs child care bills to support working parents and guardians

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams signed on Wednesday a package of seven bills designated to help struggling families, working parents, guardians and caregivers in the city.

Two bills in particular — Intros 487-A and 485-A — contribute to the mayor’s Accessible, Equitable, High-Quality, Affordable: A Blueprint for Child Care & Early Education plan by establishing accessible portals for child care subsidies, as well as a directory of child care programs across the city.

“Today, we are signing a package of seven child care bills to reaffirm our administration’s commitment to our city’s families and children and to say to working mothers and families that you are not alone,” said Mayor Adams in a statement Nov. 9. “Raising a family in New York City should not be impossible, and today we are providing families with the support of an entire city in helping to raise their children. We know that nothing holds back opportunities or success at work more than lack of child care in this city, so this slate of legislation will even the playing field by supporting mothers and families.”

Intro 487-A, which is sponsored by City Council Member Julie Menin, requires either an office or agency designated and approved by the mayor to collaborate with the New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, now known as the New York City Office of Technology and Innovation — as well as other relevant agencies to maintain and create accessible online portals for child care subsidies.

A second Menin-supported bill, Intro. 485-A, requires the city’s Department of Health to communicate and coordinate with the NYC Office of Technology and Innovation to maintain and create an online city childcare hub and directory, which will help parents and guardians find the right child care fit for their child. 

“Our families deserve services and programs that make raising a child in our great city easier,” said Schools Chancellor David C. Banks on Wednesday. “Nothing should stand between working parents and caregivers, least of all a lack of access to safe, reliable child care, and I’m thankful to Mayor Adams for focusing on the needs of our working families and opening doors of opportunity for generations of New Yorkers to come.”

Other city leaders and elected officials approved and applauded Mayor Adam’s signing of the bill package, saying they would provide much needed improvements to the child care situation in the city.  

“Support for families leads to healthier children, mentally and physically,” said Health Commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan. “Access to child care alleviates stress and can improve mental health of caregivers, which has ripple effects for the entire family, including allowing parents and caregivers the time and space to pursue social and economic security for their children. These bills are really health and mental health bonds for our children: Investments today that will pay off for years to come in their well-being, and that will serve to make New York City a fairer and healthier place to live for families.”

City Council Member Rita Joseph also commended the mayor on signing the bills.

“The signing of this legislation package represents a victory for working families throughout our city. Child care is essential, and with today’s bill package signing, the City Council and the mayor are demonstrating their commitment to our city’s families and young people,” said Joseph.