All New York City public schools will reopen in September for in-person classes: de Blasio

Admissions for NYC public schools returns to screening process
High schools students around New York City March 22, 2021.
Photo by Dean Moses

When the new school year starts in September, all New York City public school students will be attending classes in person rather than through remote instruction, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday morning.

“One million kids will be back in their classroom in September, all in person, no remote learning,” de Blasio said during an interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. “That’s the news I think everyone has been waiting for that we’re going to be back strong, ready, safe.” 

De Blasio cited the rapid drop in COVID-19 cases across the city amid the ongoing vaccination effort and the gradual reopening of the entire city. But the mayor conceded that schools must be fully reopened in order for the city to recover from the pandemic. 

“You can’t have a fully recovery without full strength schools, everyone back, sitting in those classrooms, and everyone learning together,” de Blasio added.

He invited parents who may be hesitant about sending their children back to school to visit their local public school to see the safety protocols in place which have kept the infection rate in the city’s school system low throughout the pandemic.

The mayor is expected to announce further details about the September school reopening plan during his City Hall briefing this morning. Schools Chancellor Meisha Ross Porter is also expected to attend.

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