Board of Regents cancels August exams amid COVID-19 school closures

Scores for Long Island students in grades three through eight who took the Common Core state exams in the spring of 2015 rose modestly this year compared to last, according to the New York State Education Department. Look up scores by district

High School students will not have to take August Board of Regents exams this year, the New York State Department of Education announced on Thursday, due to the extended school closures across the state. 

“There is much uncertainty as to when regular in-school attendance and instruction will be able to resume throughout the State and whether students will be adequately prepared to take Regents Examinations,” wrote Interim Commissioner Shannon Tahoe in a statement. “It is most important that during the time of closure, educators be able to continue to focus their efforts toward local school and community needs and not have to be concerned about preparing students for State assessments.”

On April 7, the department announced the cancellation of June regent exams amid due school closures caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic. 

In a statement the NYSED advised that “any student who enrolls in summer school to make up failed course credit in a course leading to a Regents Examination and is subsequently granted such credit, shall be exempt from the culminating Regents Examination.”