NYC colleges during COVID: Latest on Fall 2020 semester at Touro, Kingsborough, Nyack

It’s not too late to sign up for classes at New York City-area colleges for the fall. Many of them are offering remote learning. (Photo via Getty Images)

The first day of school for colleges across New York City might be less than a month away, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to register for classes — even during these unpredictable times despite COVID-19 numbers continuing to improve city-wide. 

Some local colleges in the area are ramping up for another year even though the unpredictability of the coronavirus still very much looms. 

For students attending those schools, there will be classes this semester even if you’re uneasy about getting back into the classroom. Here is some of the latest information on three notable schools around the area. 

Nyack College: Registration for Fall 2020 began on Aug. 10 and will remain open until Sept. 4 — giving prospective students four weeks to register. Classes are scheduled to begin on Sept. 9.

“After spending the past several weeks on extensive collaborative research and outreach, we have planned an approach for delivering courses to all of our student body and opening our new undergraduate residence hall,” the school wrote. “These stages allow us to limit campus density, specifically classroom occupancy, and allow us to adapt and respond to any changes in the circumstances related to COVID-19. All courses for fall 2020 will be available through one of the online formats, including live streaming of in-person classes.”

Should New York City continue to improve, Nyack will allow residential students to move in via staggered appointments beginning on Oct. 3.

Touro College: Those attending Touro College have ample time to get their schedule together — which was important given the unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 outbreak. Registration for Fall 2020 began all the way back on June 8 and will remain open until Sept. 8. Classes start that very same week.

“We plan to open on-time in accordance with the published academic calendar that contains various start-dates for our varied programs and schools,” the school wrote. “While it is our intention to offer classes and certain labs in person, this will be accomplished using methods to reduce building and classroom density in accordance with government recommendations.”

Kingsborough Community College: The Brooklyn school is already telling its students to stay away from campus.

“College officials are asking students to not come to the campus,” the school said. “We must reduce the density of people on campus & do our part to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).”

Distanced learning, however, is still a go and registration for the Fall 2020 semester is currently open and will remain so until Sept. 4 even though plenty of question marks remain.

“A decision about the fall classes mode of instruction has not been made pending the evolution of the COVID-19 emergency,” they said. “We will continue to keep the students updated when a decision has been made.”

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