Adam West gets another ‘Batman’ rerun as kitschy TV show hits Blu-ray

Adam West’s Batman is one of the most iconic roles on TV, and his camp portrayal of the Caped Crusader is finally getting released on DVD and Blu-ray.

Out today after a long, complicated battle with the show’s rights, is both the complete series as well as the first season solo. Perhaps the pièce de résistance is the limited edition complete Blu-ray, a hefty collection which includes all the episodes, 44 vintage Batman trading cards, more than 3 hours of extras, an Adam West scrapbook and a Hot Wheels Batmobile.

It’s a must-have for serious Batfanatics, and the high-definition restoration makes the show look better than ever.

amNY spoke with West.


How does it feel to have the show finally released on Blu-ray and DVD?

I feel delighted, happy about it. But, I’m a funny guy. I don’t really think much about these things and I think Warners has done a great job with the Blu-ray, DVD and other things. But when you see yourself in statues, bobbleheads and different things, it’s, in a sense, to me, almost comedic. It’s OK, I’m grateful that people have taken an interest.


Do you revisit the show?

When I’m at a hotel and it happens to come on, yeah, I’ll watch. That’s about it. Sometimes I’m speaking Chinese, but whatever.


What are some of your fondest memories of the show?

Besides the checks? It was working with some really remarkable people. The laughs that we had. I found it was good if I came on the stage every day and made people laugh and created that kind of environment where they understood the show and could work through it, and everybody had fun because those villains were not Shakespearean in character, you know.


What do you see as the legacy of the show?

The only legacy I see is that it maybe … indicated that there are certain shows — if they’re done in a very fresh or innovative way — that can have a longevity if you get the right people together. … There are a few of those shows that we’ve had on television, and thank goodness that ‘Batman’ is among them. I’m very grateful that people love it.