‘American Horror Story: Cult’ opening credits feature Trump, Clinton masks

The 11-episode season will air on FX, starting Sept. 5.

“American Horror Story” is slowly unveiling details of its latest installment: “Cult.”

The seventh season’s trailer was released Tuesday, offering answers to the question that’s been buzzing in fans’ minds since executive producer Ryan Murphy teased its focus back in February: Will “Cult” get political? 

Yes. The trailer kicks off with Sarah Paulson and other characters screaming as the 2016 election results unveil Donald Trump as the nation’s next president. 

“Since election night it has just all been getting so much worse,” Paulson says. 

A video from the opening credits of the new season was posted to the series’ social media accounts Monday. The minute-long teaser showed two famous faces from the 2016 presidential election.

The grim video, one of several hints dropped weekly by FX leading up to the show’s September premiere, featured flashing imagery of bloody hands, bugs, coffins, clowns and people slipping on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump masks.

The opening credits also revealed Billie Lourd, Alison Pill, Cheyenne Jackson, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters as the season’s key cast.

The 11-episode season will air on FX, starting Sept. 5. 

Meghan Giannotta