Art Bath hosts new monthly immersive performance series with New York City artists

Series Image
Photo courtesy of Art Bath

The producers of Art Bath announced a new monthly immersive performance series featuring a host of New York’s most iconic artists. The performances will take place on Feb. 26, Mar. 26 and April 23 and will include stunning artists from a variety of mediums such as music, dance, film, photography and more. 

Some of the artists performing include Ballet dancer and choreographer Claire Davison, singer and drag artist Joey Arias, members of the Met Orchestra and Ringmaster at Big Apple Circus Storm Marrero. 

The immersive aspect of the Art Bath Salon Series is emphasized by its multidisciplinary and multi-sensory experience. Each evening features three to five artists and groups, each of whom appears in a different room of the extensive venue. The event includes a cocktail hour and visual artists and photography displays.  

The producers of Art Bath, Liz Yilmaz, Mara Driscoll and César Abreu, emphasize building artistic community and fostering creative risk-taking. The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it months of social and creative isolation. Artists everywhere suffered from the lack of opportunities to perform. 

The three producers met while performing as professional dancers with the Metropolitan Opera. Submersed in the world of the performing arts during the pandemic, they noticed many of their colleagues thirsty for a safe platform to discover, collaborate and dive into artistic exploration. 

“A lot has happened during the past two years,” said Driscoll on the vision behind the project. “As artistic producers, we find ourselves wanting to reconnect and galvanize conversation and experimentation. Even before the pandemic locked us out of theaters and rehearsal studios, the scale and approach of many art institutions hindered our ability to connect with our audiences, take creative risks and build community around art. Art Bath is our answer to this moment, and we are excited to dive in!”

Art Bath is destined to be successful, selling out its first show. However, tickets are still available for the other two events. Each monthly event begins at 8 p.m. with a modified pay-what-you-can ticketing policy. Prices for students and artists begin at $25 per person. The immersive performance salons will take place at Manhattan’s Blue Building on the ground floor, 222 E. 46th St. New York, NY 10017.