Hotel Indigo partners with COFFEE Digital to present heART installation

Photo courtesy of COFFEE Digital Labs


As the hotel industry has suffered a major blow from the COVID-19 outbreak, Hotel Indigo Lower East Side partnered with COFFEE Digital Labs, a marketing agency, to create an animation heart projection to bring New Yorkers hope. 

The projection of an animated beating heart is projected on the side of the Indigo Hotel and will continue to shine there every night for the foreseeable future. 

“The world needs a reason to smile more than ever before, and our wonderful partners at IHG® helped to make something very special happen for the people of New York,” says Al Silvestri, CMO/Partner at COFFEE Labs. “This community means so much to both our team and Hotel Indigo Lower East Side, and we are thankful that we were able to help them bring some light during dark times.” 

COFFEE worked with their partners at IDEKO to help secure the permits necessary for the projection and Essay Video, a full-service video equipment supplier, provided the project with new projection equipment to bring the display to life. 

“This was all done to spread a positive message to New Yorkers,” said Silvestri. “It’s all about positivity. Hopefully we come out of this sooner rather than later and we are here to support them however we can, hospital workers and essential employees. Hopefully this will just be a little glimmer of hope.”