David Byrne is closely associated with the concert documentary, thanks to the seminal “Stop Making Sense,” so there’s a degree of comfort in seeing him back on the big screen in this form.

“Contemporary Color,” which depicts his 2015 Barclays Center concerts featuring high school color guard teams performing with singers like St. Vincent, replaces the New Wave theatrics that characterized the Talking Heads film with a larger ensemble collage in which Byrne plays master of ceremonies.

It spotlights an underappreciated and undeniably impressive sport that requires a major degree of coordination and fitness, as flags and rifles are twirled, pliant bodies snap and bend, and mass pageants unfold with dreamlike dissolves and dramatic close-ups.

The filmmakers, Bill Ross IV and Turner Ross, add depth to the spectacle by creatively interweaving the arduous rehearsal process and stressing the fleeting nature of this unforgettably beautiful evening.