Facebook Reactions are here

Because you love pizza, you don't just like pizza.
Because you love pizza, you don’t just like pizza. Photo Credit: rosa@starburnsind.com

Facebook wants users to express themselves. And the “Like” button just wasn’t cutting it.

Introducing Reactions, a new feature that launched Wednesday, Feb. 24. If a friend posts something that really gets you going, click the Angry face! If your mom posts a picture of you as a baby with food all over your face, that one gets a Ha-ha laughing face.

Think about all the times someone has posted something sad on Facebook. You want to express your condolences, but clicking Like just felt wrong, because you didn’t like the news at all. Well, now you can react appropriately by clicking the Sad face. 

Facebook said in a news release that it has been testing Reactions for a year. 

“We’ve been listening to people and know that there should be more ways to easily and quickly express how something you see in News Feed makes you feel. That’s why today we are launching Reactions, an extension of the Like button, to give you more ways to share your reaction to a post in a quick and easy way,” the release said.

There is no Dislike button, despite earlier reports that it was in development.