Review: ‘FIFA 16’ has some kick

The most common negative statement when it comes to sports video games is that they’re the same every year with different rosters. While that assessment may be true in some instances, it certainly is false when it comes to “FIFA 16.”

The latest soccer installment from EA Sports packs in beautiful graphics, solid gameplay and a boatload of features and modes into the game, making it a worthwhile purchase for someone who isn’t even a fan of soccer.

“FIFA’s” short loading times are appreciated and its gorgeous, neat menus are a sight to be seen. This includes the in-game pause menu, which features game highlights while you wait. The gameplay manages to stay exciting even in a sport where there might not be much scoring, as cut scenes following yellow and red cards can keep a player entertained so the presentation doesn’t get stagnant, and the user can control the player’s celebration after finding the back of the net.

The biggest difference in the newest “FIFA” installment is the addition of the Women’s National Teams, as suggested by the inclusion of U.S. star Alex Morgan on the cover alongside Lionel Messi. You can use any of the 12 Women’s National Teams in offline tournaments, online seasons and online friendly matches.

If you’re a trophy hunter, “FIFA 16” isn’t the most difficult game to conquer. I racked up nine trophies in a relatively short period of time, with some coming from gameplay and others coming from simply testing out some game modes. The easiest to achieve were “Social Craving,” where you share an activity on social media and “I am the boss,” where you substitute your best player out of the game.

FUT Draft is in interesting new concept which allows players to build their own club from a selection of players, giving them the option of which direction to steer the team. My main issue with this and FIFA Ultimate Team in general is that there is a heightened emphasis on chemistry which can actually lead you to making decisions where your highest rated players are riding the bench.

There’s no doubt that “FIFA 16” will keep you busy if you choose to invest your time in it. Whether you are playing individual matches, online or offline tournaments, FIFA Ultimate Team or career mode, you’re bound to keep picking up the controller and coming back for more.

“FIFA 16,” from developer EA Canada and publisher EA Sports is out now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.