A man says he "wasn't really thinking" when he ran on stage during a Broadway performance of "Hand to God" to try to charge his cell phone in what turned out to be a fake outlet. 

"Ultimately, before coming to see 'Hand of God' I downed a few drinks and I think that clearly impaired my judgement," wrote Nick Silvestri of Seaford as he apologized for his actions. "Before the show started, I noticted that my phone's battery was low, and the only power outlet I saw was on stage. I think you all know what happened next, and I don't have a very good answer ... I guess I wasn't really thinking." 

Thankfully, this episode has turned out to be a learning experience for Silvestri.

"I don't go to plays very much, and I didn't realize that the stage is considered off limits," he wrote in a statement he delivered during a news conference outside the Booth Theater where "Hand to God' is playing. "I've learned a lot about the theater in the past few days -- theater people are really passionate and have been very willing to educate me." 

That said, you won't find him on stage again. 

"I can assure you that I won't be setting foot on a stage ever again, unless I decide to become an actor." 

No word on whether he realized the power outlet was fake.