How ‘Sex and the City’ would change for Carrie Bradshaw, group if series took place today

Samantha would be navigating Tinder like the rest of us.

It’s been 20 years since the iconic New York City-based series “Sex and the City” premiered on HBO on June 6, 1998 (yeah, we couldn’t believe it either).

Though Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha were quite the modern women of their time, there have been plenty of technological and social advancements since the last time the ladies graced the small screen.

From ride shares and smartphones to social media and online dating, a number of the show’s scenes and plot lines would probably look mighty different if the series took place today. Maybe, just maybe, they’d all meet on Bumble BFF. We’ve imagined what life would be like for the women in NYC today. Spoiler: We can totally see Samantha swiping right on some of the city’s eligible (and not so eligible) bachelors. 

“Smart”-er communication

Naturally, smartphones would have had a significant impact on the show — from dating apps to ride shares to such conveniences as Google Maps and Yelp.

That mix-up for Carrie’s birthday in season four — the one where she sat waiting at the wrong restaurant and nobody showed up — would be a nonissue with a simple text or Yelp search. Ah, the days before our phones could do everything. However did they manage to get anything done?

Getting “social”

You know the ladies and their various beaus would be posting their exploits all over the social sphere. 

From experiences like the flying trapeze to exceptional (or horrible) one-nighters, the “SATC” universe would be full of status updates. And who could forget Berger’s infamous Post-it breakup with Carrie? 

In today’s social-media-obsessed world, that split would have happened via Twitter: “@CarrieBradshaw I’m sorry. I can’t. #DontHateMe.”

A political wave 

There’s no chance your favorite “SATC” ladies could exist in New York City today without dabbling in political and social movements — the Women’s March, Trump Tower rallies, Time’s Up, etc. And one can’t overlook the obvious: Cynthia Nixon’s run for governor of New York would probably influence her character Miranda to try to do the same. Can you imagine Carrie’s post-announcement blog entry?

Update that profile

The dating game sure has changed since the late ’90s and Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha would have kept up with the times. Rather than meeting the fellas at a bar or getting set up on a blind date, we’re pretty confident the four women would have active online dating profiles.

Charlotte probably would be hoping for a compatible match through eHarmony (or JDate after that brief breakup with Harry); Carrie and Miranda would have profiles on; Samantha would take the reins with Bumble, or perhaps OKCupid or Tinder, for a more casual encounter.

Sliding into the DMs

Keeping that relationship would prove a whole lot more challenging for the ladies, who’d be dodging Instagram DMs from New York bachelors. Equally as concerning: whether or not their love interests’ message inbox would stay clean. There’d have to be at least a few scenes with the women figuring out how to sneakily break past their date’s iPhone pass code unscathed. 

From column to blog

Carrie made a name for herself as a sex columnist, but we figure today she’d be an online blogger.

Her column might appear in print once a week, but intermittently, she’d have an online presence — with a solid following, of course — where she would post her rendezvous and trysts more frequently. With some extra advertising dollars, perhaps that Manolo Blahnik habit wouldn’t be such a financial strain.

Leaving Manhattan

This one would at least make for some pretty interesting transition episodes, but if we picked up with the “SATC” crew in 2018, there’s no way Manhattan would remain their central hub. Okay, with the exception of Carrie. She’d probably reside in a pricey Sarah Jessica Parker-inspired West Village town house. But the others would have understood Miranda’s bold 2004 move to Williamsburg.

Rozanne Gelbinovich and Meghan Giannotta