James Corden spoofs Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ on ‘Late Late Show’

“Late Late Show” host James Corden channeled his inner Queen Bey Monday night in a parody  of Beyoncé’s new visual album “Lemonade.”

The video, titled “Lemonjames: A Visual Monologue” takes Corden fans on a journey through the inner workings of putting together a monologue for the show.

“I try to write a monologue for you night after night, even when we don’t have a show,” Corden says in a voice-over. “I write a monologue but you don’t see that.”

Aside from swipes at Donald Trump, Corden also zeroed in on quite possibly the biggest talker to come out of ‘Lemonade’ — Becky with the good hair.

Corden, however, targeted a rival late night host.

“Does that make you laugh, like Jimmy with the good hair?” he says.

Corden then goes on to offer a recipe to make lemonade, of course.