Lin-Manuel Miranda raps NYC through the Fourth of July heat wave

Lin-Manuel Miranda is still finding inspiration where you find frustration.

The composer who wrote several of the Tony-winning tracks for “Hamilton” on the New York City subway is helping his nearly 2.5 million Twitter followers through this Fourth of July week heat wave with freestyle raps on the A train platform.

“Lights up on Washington Heights, up at the break of day, I wake up, it’s 98 degrees and still I take the A, a slight delay,” the Manhattan native, 38, raps in a short video clip posted to his social media page Monday. “I wish the air conditioning for every one of you, you got a long day in front of you.”

His next creative masterpiece? Maybe not. But his heated rap continued through his evening commute (“the heat wave goes on and on and on”) and his Tuesday morning travels (“Aye, it’s hot but that’s OK my ma would say.”)

His string of raps takes place on the A train, the same line that he traveled while writing “Hamilton’s” “Wait for It.” Commuters can easily relate to the steam bath that seemingly envelopes the playwright as he sings.

“Certainly one of the levels of hell is a subway car w/o AC on a hot day,” One Twitter user writes.

Another adds: “No better feeling than going from a hot subway station to an air-conditioned subway car (unless there’s no ac then I am so so so sorry).”

Others wondered if his sudden inspirational flow means a project is brewing: “You gonna write another song on this subway?”

It’s a possibility. Warner Bros. announced last month it would release a film version of Miranda’s 2005 musical, “In The Heights” in 2020.

Singing en route is becoming a norm for Miranda, who also turned a subway trip into a musical show-tune experience in D.C. last fall and shared lyrical notes jotted down on his iPhone in January because he “didn’t have a pen” on the train.