As Marvel reveals the new ‘Fantastic Four’ cast, here’s a look back at all the past versions

Film Fantastic Four
This combination of photos shows Ioan Gruffudd, from left, Miles Teller and Pedro Pascal. A reboot of “The Fantastic Four” has Pascal cast as Reed Richards, a role portrayed by Gruffudd and Teller in previous films. (AP Photo)

Pedro Pascal is jumping from Star Wars to Marvel. The “Last of Us” and “Mandalorian” actor is set to play Reed Richards (also known as Mister Fantastic) in the newest incarnation of “The Fantastic Four,” the studio announced Wednesday.

The rest of his squad was revealed, too, with Vanessa Kirby stepping up as Susan Storm (The Invisible Woman), Joseph Quinn of “Stranger Things” as Johnny Storm (The Human Torch), and Ebon Moss-Bachrach of “The Bear” as Ben Grimm (The Thing). In the announcement, the gang was depicted in a retro illustrated Valentine’s Day card that had fans guessing this version takes place in the 1960s.

“The Fantastic Four” is among Marvel’s longest-running comics series and the titular crew is one of its most beloved groups. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the scientists-turned-superheroes are relatable and wry in their interactions as a team — even when they aren’t fighting supervillains. When it debuted in November 1961, it was a refreshing revelation that helped inform the Marvel voice and set a path for Iron Man and Spider-Man.

This combination of photos shows Chris Evans, left, Michael B. Jordan, center, and Joseph Quinn. A reboot of “The Fantastic Four” has Quinn cast as Johnny Storm/The Human Torch, a role portrayed by Evans and Jordan in previous films. (AP Photo)

But the so-called first family of Marvel has not had the most distinguished transition to the big screen, with false starts and bad reviews often trailing. First came a $2 million Roger Corman production in 1994 that was never ultimately released, with Alex Hyde-White as Reed Richards, Rebecca Staab as Susan Storm, Jay Underwood as Johnny Storm and Michael Bailey Smith as Ben Grimm. The shoestring production was directed by Oley Sassone.

Just a year after Corman’s was shelved, 20th Century Fox acquired the rights to the characters and began developing what would become two films under director Tim Story, though that would take about 10 years and see several directors come and go (including Chris Columbus, Raja Gosnell and future “Ant-Man” helmer Peyton Reed). In 2005’s “Fantastic Four” and its 2007 sequel “Rise of the Silver Surfer,” Ioan Gruffudd was Reed, Jessica Alba was Susan, Chris Evans was Johnny and Michael Chiklis was Ben.

This combination of photos shows actors Jessica Alba, Kate Mara and Vanessa Kirby. A reboot of “The Fantastic Four” has Kirby cast as Susan Storm/The Invisible Woman, a role portrayed by Alba and Mara in previous films. (AP Photo)

Fox tried again, with Josh Trank at the helm, and a cast led by Miles TellerKate MaraMichael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell. But the 2015 film was panned by critics and lost the studio over $80 million. Plans for a sequel were scuttled and a few years later, Disney acquired Fox — bringing the Marvel characters back under its corporate umbrella.

The new “Fantastic Four” will mark the first time the mutant misfits will be together as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, overseen by Kevin Feige ( John Krasinski played a version of Mister Fantastic in 2022’s “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” ). The film is set to be directed by “WandaVision” veteran Matt Shakman, with a planned July 25, 2025, theatrical release.

This combination of photos shows Michael Chiklis, left, Jamie Bell and Ebon Moss-Bachrach. A reboot of “The Fantastic Four” has Moss-Bachrach cast as Ben Grimm/The Thing, a role portrayed by Chiklis and Bell in previous films. (AP Photo)