Michelle Obama dances with Jimmy Fallon; says daughters taught Barack about group texts

“Isn’t he a cute mom?”

Michelle Obama shared some dance moves and some wise words for Jimmy Fallon (and she called him a “cute mom”) on an appearance on “The Tonight Show” on Thursday.

“You’re still in the good stage,” she told Fallon about his daughters. “They still like you now. Hold on to that!”

Obama, on the “Tonight Show” to celebrate the fifth anniversary of her signature “Let’s Move!” campaign, told Fallon that her daughters had recently had to explain about group texts. (Maybe he’d be better off not knowing, though?) Obama said Malia said to her father “you are so detached.”

Obama and Fallon also danced a sequel to “The Evolution of Mom Dancing.” Obama, wearing jeans and a plaid shirt, shimmed with Fallon but drew the line at dancing “The Barack Obama.”