New York City’s Theophobia drops new music video with city sights and a story of love

Matt Ellin (l) and Dylan Greenberg (r) of Theophobia.
Photo courtesy of Theophobia

The New York City-based band Theophobia is launching a new music video that not only highlights what love really is as well as the photogenic sights of the city.

The song, called “Love of Ages,” was written by Theophobia’s guitarist Matt Ellin. The song was originally written as a folk song but was rearranged with a synth-pop sound by the band’s lead singer Dylan Greenberg.

“Love of Ages is a song I wrote in 2018. It was originally recorded as a slower folkier kind of song, and Dylan ended up producing a new wave-inspired instrumental which we used for Theophobia,” said Ellin. “It tells the story of a woman who has experienced several failed relationships, and as a result concludes that love is dead. This is until she ultimately finds a greater love through solitude and platonic friendship.”

Ultimately, the song expresses that romantic love isn’t the only love out there, nor is it the only love that is worth something.

“It’s a song about how we often treat romantic love as the only kind that matters, when in actuality love can exist in many forms and you don’t necessarily need a partner to feel fulfilled,” said Ellin.

The song is set to appear on Theophobia’s “Love of Ages” EP, which will release on Sept. 30 on theophobia.bandcamp.com. The music video, directed by Greenberg, stars Amanda Flowers and several of the band’s friends in New York City. Filmed this past summer, the video shows off many different spots within the city, highlighting the diversity that can be found in the city, even if it is only one or two miles apart.

Check out the “Love of Ages” music video below. 

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