Nicolas Cage, John Travolta and their best bad movies

Nicolas Cage and John Travolta are two of our finest actors, having given their leading man imprimatur to all-time classics ranging from “Adaptation” to “Pulp Fiction”; from “Moonstruck” to “Saturday Night Fever.”

This is not a story about those thespians or those movies.

No, today we salute the flipside of Cage and Travolta’s superstardom: Their undeniably deep, passionate love for crappy genre movies. The actors, who joined forces and swapped faces in “Face/Off” (1997), one of the all-time great B grade action movies, will this weekend return to movie screens in classic form.

Cage stars alongside Elijah Wood and, yes, Jerry Lewis, in “The Trust,” about cops planning a robbery. Travolta plays a vengeful husband in “I Am Wrath.”

If you’ve got a hankering for Travolta and Cage in their most low-rent forms, and you’ve already seen “Face/Off” a few too many times, these are three essential picks for each actor: