‘Orange is the New Black’ season 5 error corrected by Netflix

“Orange Is the New Black” fans who were really paying attention during their season 5 binge noticed an error in one of Maritza and Flaca’s scenes. Nearly two months after fans pointed it out on Twitter, Netflix owned up to its mistake and released a minute-long video correction.

“Only the most savvy viewers would know, but in season 5 of ‘Orange is the New Black,’ a lot of controversy was caused by a certain scene …” the video, which addressed the “flavor flaw,” begins.

The scene, in episode 5, features Maritza recording a makeup tutorial on how to highlight and contour using items you’d be able to get your hands on while behind bars. She tells viewers she used to use a MAC Pro Palette and a No. 19 fan brush to do her makeup at home, so it’s clear Maritza really knows her stuff. Or does she?

“In here, I use three spices that you can find in any kitchen,” Maritza says in the episode. She goes on to list cinnamon, cumin and Sazón Goya.

Not sure what the problem is yet? Maritza was pointing to a bottle of Goya Adobo — not Sazón Goya — and it pissed off some fans.

“Why did she say Sazón Goya when pointing at Adobo Goya … I didn’t see any Sazón in the scene … triggered,” Vanessa Casey tweeted on June 9.

“It’s ADOBO!!!! How the hell do you get the Latina to screw that up?!” @project_vectrix wrote on June 10.

Adobo, according to Goya’s website, is a seasoning made of garlic, oregano, black pepper and “Latin spices.” Sazón is made of coriander, garlic, cumin and annatto.

Offering up a corrected version of the scene, Netflix edited a box of Sazón over the Adobo canister and dubbed it the “Abuela’s Cut.”

Some fans were thankful. “Yaaaas! … A) idk how they missed that. B) idk how more people didn’t notice,” Samantha Williams wrote on Thursday.

Others felt the correction video took it too far.

“Come on people it’s just a spice,” another Twitter user wrote.

“Orange is the New Black” season 5 is now streaming on Netflix.