Source: Serena Williams not pregnant with Drake’s child, despite report

Is Serena Williams pregnant with Drake’s child?

According to an entertainment website, which published the claim on Tuesday, she is. That report quickly spread throughout the Twittersphere within minutes, and established outlets regurgitated it.

But amNewYork spoke exclusively with a source close to Williams, who says the report is nonsense. 

The source says of the claim that tennis pro Williams is expecting the Canadian-born musician’s child, “There’s no truth to it whatsoever. They never even dated, so there’s no baby.”

The website that claimed the pregnancy did so with theatrics, writing “SUPER WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE: Serena Williams Is Pregnant … With DRAKE’S BABY!!”

But, hold onto those well wishes and baby shower gifts. Williams is not pregnant and she is not dating Canada’s most popular export.