Terry Crews is quickly proving to be everything but expendable.

The affable actor, who is now starring in the Golden Globe-winning Fox comedy "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," keeps on growing his profile with new gigs, like hosting "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" starting in the fall, and guest spots all over the place, from Comedy Central's "Drunk History" to the Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore flick "Blended."

He's returning to "The Expendables" franchise for the action series' third installment, which pits Sylvester Stallone's ragtag group of action heroes -- including Crews' Hale Caesar -- against an arms trader (Mel Gibson), who also happened to have co-founded the team.

amNewYork spoke with Crews about the film, opening Friday.


Q: What keeps bringing you back to Caesar?

A: The name is probably one of the best names of any character in movie history. And also, I just think there's no one else like him. He's the spirit, energy and life of the group.


Q: Wesley Snipes is in this film. He was supposed to be in the first one, right?

A: The reason I'm in it is because Wesley Snipes was not able to be in the first one with the things he was going through. ... Now everything seems to come full circle. When I first saw Wesley on the set, I told him, "Now, everything is right with the world because you were always supposed to be here."


Q: You've done action and comedy -- what's next?

A: I want to do a musical. I'm definitely seeing a musical in my future. Something really cool.

Q. Would you want to do a Broadway musical?

A. I would love to be Mufasa in "The Lion King." I have to say this. I think it's a match made in heaven.


Q: What are your thoughts on the "ExpendaBelles" film that was announced?

A: I think there's room for an all-female "Expendables." ... I would go see it. Let me tell you, Ronda Rousey does an awesome job in this movie.


Q: Will there be another "Expendables"?

A: Let's keep this going. The trailer says "One last ride." Not for me! We can spin off.