New show ‘The Rush Hour’ takes deep dive into New York stories

Annika Pergament is the host of “The Rush Hour.”
Photo courtesy of NY1

A new show on NY1 is taking a truly local approach to broadcast journalism.

“The Rush Hour” is a new afternoon news show on Spectrum News NY1, focusing on local stories that impact our day-to-day lives. Hosted by Annika Pergament, the show goes in deep and asks the questions that the public needs to know.

“The Rush Hour is a little bit of a combination of everything that I’ve learned that I think New Yorkers want in the afternoon,” said Pergament. “I feel like there’s a need for it and I feel very lucky that there’s a space for it on NY1.”

Pergament is no stranger to reporting the news. Her extensive CV includes a decades-long tenure at Spectrum News NY1, including being co-anchor of Mornings On 1, the station’s weekday morning show, covering large topics from the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks to taking a deep dive into New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services. She also has stints at CBS covering the tri-state area and Court TV, but ultimately landed back at NY1.

“I’ve always really loved having this New York City focus, I think it’s what sets NY1 apart,” said Pergament. “It makes it so unique and so special and a lot of the other stations because they have that obligation to cover a wider area.”

Having covered topics ranging from hyper-local to a grander, national scale, Pergament wanted to get back to her roots and dig into the topics that truly affect New York City as a whole, such as congestion pricing and outdoor dining.

“People have strong views and we just want to bring those views to the forefront and raise them and talk to the newsmakers who may have an impact on how these policies take effect in the city,” said Pergament. 

Although there is no particular beat that “The Rush Hour” will primarily focus on, Pergament and the team as going to zero in on what has New Yorkers divided.

“Everybody is really focused and really committed to what we’re trying to do, which is just sort of meet New Yorkers where they are and give them the news that we think that they need,” said Pergament. “There are stories that everybody needs to know every day because it’s just a matter of being informed in your city.  if you’ve been really busy all day and haven’t had time to check in, if you turn us on at 4 p.m. you’re gonna know what you needed to know really quickly.”

Though the show has only aired for a few weeks, Pergament says that so far the feedback has been positive.

“It’s been very nice, I’m really touched and moved by that. We’ve gotten great feedback. We’re still evolving, we didn’t launch on day one thinking that this is going to be the same show three to six months from now because we’re going to take some risks and see what works,” said Pergament. “I think the only way that you can really grow is not being scared for it to fail and stumble a few times and that’s how we’re gonna get the best show on the air. But I think we’ve started from a really, really strong place. It’s been a lot of fun.”

“The Rush Hour” airs weekdays from 4 to 6 p.m. on Spectrum News NY1. You can follow Pergament on Instagram at @aperg and on X (formerly Twitter) at @annikapergament.