The Struts bring glam rock to Brooklyn with show at Warsaw

Nothing has come easy for The Struts.

Nothing has come easy for The Struts.

Created by singer-songwriter Luke Spiller and guitarist Adam Slack in 2009, the glam-rock quartet went through two rhythm sections, two record labels and five years of gigging around England and, eventually, the rest of Europe before finally getting its debut album, “Everybody Wants,” into the world in 2014.

Even then, it took the 2016 rerelease of the album, remastered and with new tracks, to kickstart its U.S. fortunes.

amNewYork caught up with Spiller, as he headed back into the studio with his band, in advance of The Struts’ upcoming show at Warsaw.

You’ve been touring behind many of the same songs for more than two years now. Are you ready to get to new material?

Not a lot of people realize this, but when we released the original U.K. version, it was basically unfinished — almost like demos. … [The American release] was in a lot of ways finishing the debut album, and adding the new songs. We then actually gained radio play. And we’re probably going to have album number two done by May of next year, so it’s actually really short [turnaround time].

Who do you look at and say, “that’s a group that did rock ‘n’ roll right”?

There’s been so many. The English glam rock of the ’70s, but you also have those timeless acts like [David] Bowie, or in the States, like Aerosmith. They put on a great show, and write fantastic big songs. It’s hard to condense it to one band; we’ve kind of developed out of a melting pot.

You’ve opened for Guns N’ Roses, Mötley Crüe and the Rolling Stones over the last couple of years, playing these massive stadium shows. What, as a band, have you taken from those experiences?

More than anything, it’s a huge inspiration, because that’s where we want to get. To have that longevity of a career — that’s exactly where we want to head to. And in some respect, it’s just great to be on those big stages. I think every time we’ve done one of those shows, we walk away more hungry than ever.

If you go: The Struts perform at Warsaw on Dec. 17 at 8:30 p.m., 261 Driggs Ave., Greenpoint, 718-387-0505, sold out.

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