How to get to the Hamptons from NYC: Your guide to a summer getaway

Escapes to the Hamptons have long been a summer tradition for New Yorkers, but for those new to the idea, we’ve got a few tips for you.

There are a range of transportation options to get you to Montauk or Southhampton, whether it’s by car, train or seaplane. 

We’ve broken it down for you by cost, travel time and pros and cons, so you can pick the best route for you. 

Take a car

If you’re one of the lucky city residents who own a vehicle — or prefer renting a car — your best bet would be to drive to your Hamptons destination, as getting there is just a straight shot from the city. Take the LIE or Southern State Parkway to Sunrise Highway and you’ll go through the Hamptons towns.

Cost: If you avoid tolls and aren’t renting a car, you’ll just have to pay for gas.

Departs: Wherever you are.

Travel time: Approximately 1.5 hours to Westhampton from New York.

Pros: Without any pickup or drop-off stops, driving is probably the most direct way out to the Hamptons.

Cons: That 1.5-hour travel estimate assumes ideal driving conditions, and getting to the Hamptons generally involves traffic — lots of it. 

Hop on the Hampton Jitney

This bus line serves the Tri-State Area and even locales as far away as Florida, but it’s synonymous with Hamptons travel. Since starting out decades ago as a van service bringing city dwellers out to Eastern Long Island, the Hampton Jitney now offers a fleet of coach buses that take passengers along three routes to the East End: Montauk, Westhampton and the North Fork.

Cost: $19 to $33, depending on the destination. Order your ticket online.

Departs: Multiple locations in Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn and Queens. Here’s a map of pick-up and drop-off spots.

Travel time: Approximately 2.5 hours to Westhampton.

Pros: Buses run frequently enough that you’re bound to get a seat. You can also catch up on those emails, as buses are equipped with free Wi-Fi and power outlets.

Cons: Hampton Jitneys make multiple pickups and drop offs, which can add time to the ride. Like driving, you’re also at the whims of New York and Long Island traffic, which will affect travel times.

Avoid traffic on the LIRR

Take the Long Island Rail Road to the East End to get to your Hamptons destination. The Ronkonkoma branch makes stops on the North Fork, all the way out to Greenport, while the Montauk branch hits stops along the South Fork, including East Hampton, Amagansett and Montauk.

Cost: Approximately $20 to $29 each way, depending on destination and time of day. Make sure to buy your tickets before boarding for the cheapest rate.

Departs: Penn Station and Brooklyn’s Atlantic Terminal.

Travel time: 2 hours to Westhampton.

Pros: No traffic to worry about here, so you’ll know exactly when the train will arrive and how long it will take. LIRR also offers the Cannonball, a seasonal express train that leaves Fridays at 4:06 p.m. from Penn Station that goes nonstop to Westhampton in 95 minutes, and then heads to Southhampton, Bridgehampton, East Hampton and Montauk. You can also drink on the train if you so desire.

Cons: The train is a popular travel option, and if you can’t snag a seat from the start, you just may be stuck standing all the way out there.


If you’re looking to get to the Hamptons quickly and have a big budget, Fly The Whale offers charters to East Hampton and Montauk from the New York Skyports Marina at 2430 FDR Dr.

Cost: $550 a seat.

Travel time: Approximately 45 minutes to East Hampton and Montauk.

Pros: You can’t beat the travel time, plus you get to enjoy a pretty great view from above.

Cons: Bad weather? Your flight may end up being canceled, so be sure to check for rain before booking a flight.