The Border is open to immigrants’ artwork ‘in support of multiplicity’

A new art space for immigrants is pushing boundaries in Bushwick.

By offering artists from around the world a dedicated place to show off their work, curator Jamie Martinez hopes that they can serve as a united voice in what has been a pretty divisive time, he said in a statement.

The Border, located inside the 56 Bogart St. artist lofts, is open on weekends to present its very first show, “The Border #1.” From sculptures to drawings (and a virtual reality experience), the art is by people who hail from as far away as Iran/Greece (Aphrodite Désirée Navab), Colombia (Martinez), Slovakia (Peter Kaspar), Peru (C.J. Chueca) and Georgia (Levan Mindiashvili) and have had or currently have shows, some in museums, in their native countries.

Peter Kaspar, originally from Slovakia, creates more abstract work that is based on memorializing the past. For his piece, fiber optics poke through a large wooden rectangle, which sparkle and flash.

Peru-born artist C.J. Chueca decided to feature a titled-wall-like work that looks like it was ripped from an abandoned building or subway station. She often includes small objects in her artwork, like ceramic replicas of cigarette butts, bottle caps, toilet paper rolls and beer bottles, as if they were remnants of lives that inhabited a space.

Martinez, who is from Colombia, is also showing his work — geometric in shape.

All of the work is surrounded by a bright blue tarp background, making the art stand out even more.

Martinez publishes an art blog called “Arte Fuse,” which highlights art shows currently on display, interviews artists and tours studios, so he’s no stranger to the business of managing a studio space.

“In light of the recent political focus on curtailing immigration, a cornerstone of the history and identity of the U.S., the time has come for artists of diverse backgrounds to come together and preset a united voice in support of multiplicity,” Martinez said in a statement. “The Border will be open to everyone.”

Open Saturdays and Sundays through April 15, the gallery is open between 1 and 6 p.m. or by appointment.