Tyler Perry’s ‘Madea on the Run’ sprints to The Beacon Theatre

Nobody is ever going to accuse Tyler Perry of being lazy.

The prolific artist writes, directs, produces and acts in more movies, TV shows and stage plays than you could imagine. He’s currently got four shows running on OWN, he’s signed on to play Dr. Baxter Stockman in the sequel “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Half Shell,” due out in June, and he’s bringing his latest stage production, “Madea on the Run,” to The Beacon Theatre starting Thursday night for a four-day run. And, of course, he wrote, directed, produced and stars in it.

amNewYork spoke with Perry about the show.

What’s “Madea on the Run” about?

“Madea On The Run” is about just that — her running from the law, again, and hiding out at her friend’s house for a few days. That friend’s family is having a lot of very real problems that plague our society today, and helping get families in order is what Madea has her own way of doing. So she does that.

You’ve been playing Madea for many years now. How has the character evolved?

What I love about Madea’s evolution is that it’s slow and old school and not politically correct. That’s where it stands. She’s older, but still as brash as ever.

How has the model of a traveling stage show help build your brand?

This isn’t akin to any kind of Broadway or traveling type play. My shows are more like live comedy shows, as well as a traveling concert tour. So, I get an opportunity to do what I love best and that’s play night after night in front of my audience. Reconnecting and letting them know that I’m still there. Right by their sides, just as they have been for me, all these years.

This is your first time at Beacon in 10 years. What do you like about performing there?

I love the Beacon! The intimacy and the crowd are both amazing! I missed the closeness. My last few tours took me to arenas, and I wanted to return to that theater feel.

What other projects do you have coming up?

Right now I’m writing a few movies, but opening my new studio and [my OWN television series] “The Haves and Have Nots,” “If Loving You is Wrong,” “For Better or Worse” and “Love Thy Neighbor” have my full priority. So, I’m coming out on the weekends to do this tour just to have some fun!

If you go: “Madea on the Run” plays at The Beacon Theatre Thursday through Sunday, 2124 Broadway, 212-465-6500, beacontheatre.com