Algonquin Hotel’s cat fashion show is back with more adorable, costumed felines

What better way to celebrate a cat than with a fashion show? That’s what the Algonquin Hotel has been doing the past 10 years, and all with a good cause. The Times Square luxury hotel celebrates its furriest resident, Matilda III, each year with a party and a (literal) catwalk in its lobby.

The felines are dressed to the nines (lives) in the finest pet apparel, courtesy of animal fashion designer Ada Nieves. This year’s theme is “Through the Decades,” highlighting famous guests of the hotel and the Algonquin’s century-old history.

The goal of this adorably extravagant occasion? Raise $10,000 for the Alliance for NYC’s Animals. Attendees paid $50 to watch the cats strut their stuff, with proceeds going to the charity. The hotel is hoping to also raise money through an online silent auction, with prizes such as two tickets to “Cats” and a custom signed copy of “Matilda: The Algonquin Cat,” an upcoming children’s book based on the hotel’s history with felines.

Enjoy the photos of the purr-fectly dressed cats, and take in the cuteness.