Queens martial arts center offering free classes for kids during coronavirus outbreak

Phoebe Huang, a student at Champions Martial Arts Takewondo in Flushing, practicing via an online class with Master Michael Ro. (Photo courtesy of Michael Ro)


Although Champions Martial Arts in Flushing is temporarily closed during the coronavirus pandemic, children are keeping active and staying fit at home — online and free of charge. 

Michael Ro, master and head instructor of Champion Martial Arts Taekwondo, has been teaching online classes for children ages 3 to 12 from Monday through Saturday on Zoom. 

A zoom session with students (Photo Courtesy of Michael Ro)

“Staying active and healthy is very important during these times. I say ‘health is wealth’ keeping them active and healthy will keep them mentally stable and strong,” Ro said. “The children need structure and need the sense of normality in their daily lives. I believe that if your mind is healthy, your body will be healthy as well.” 

Michael Ro’s son, Ryan, practicing via online classes (Photo courtesy of Michael Ro)

Champions Martial Arts is a large organization with more than 60 locations, and together they’re teaching thousands of students during the pandemic.  

After closing his studio on March 14, Ro began teaching online classes on March 16. 

At the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, Ro thoroughly cleaned the facility twice daily, spraying and wiping down equipment after each and every class. Every student also used hand sanitizer before and after classes.

“No students who showed any sign of illness were permitted into our class. All parents were encouraged to wait outside during the class,” Ro said.

Since Ro began teaching from home, he has been able to connect with more than 200 children from local areas to other states that have been taking online classes with Champion Martial Arts. 

“It’s an amazing experience! The children are able to take 20 minutes out of their day to get their daily exercise, learn some fun martial arts, interact with other students and instructors, relieve some stress while practicing social distancing from the convenience of their homes,” Ro said. “Parents have been so happy with our program — they send us messages and emails thanking us for doing this for the community.” 

Besides the free martial arts classes, Champion Martial Arts also does fun events for the children as well such as scavenger hunts and trivia games, Ro said. 

“We hope that other parents, who have children at home, take this opportunity to enroll their children into this productive martial arts program and seek all of the benefits martial arts has to offer,” Ro said. 

Parents can contact any Champions Martial Arts location to learn more about free online classes, or contact Master Michael Ro by calling (718) 886-5425 or sending an email to FlushingCTKD@gmail.com.

Editor’s note: This story first appeared on QNS.com