70s-inspired bars in NYC: The VNYL, Blue Light and more

Anyone watching HBO’s “The Deuce” knows that New York was a very different place in the 1970s.

Prostitutes roamed Times Square, subway cars were covered in graffiti, President Ford told the city to “drop dead” — and James Morrissey loved it.

“For me, [the ’70s] was an era when parties were real,” he said. “It was a time when Rolls-Royces belonged in swimming pools!”

With such nostalgia for the ’70s, it makes sense that Morrissey looked to the decade for inspiration when opening The VNYL last year. By modeling the East Village bar after the era, he hoped to create a spot where people could simply have fun — just like they did back then.

It’s a concept that’s taken hold in New York, with ’70s-themed bars opening from the Upper East Side to the Lower East Side in just the past year and a half.