Anthony Bourdain and President Barack Obama ate in Vietnam together

President Barack Obama visited Vietnam this week, and even found time to sit down for a meal with celebrity foodie Anthony Bourdain.

The two talked over a meal of bun cha, a traditional Vietnamese dish consisting of rice noodles, grilled pork and fresh vegetables and herbs.

The interview was filmed for an upcoming episode of Bourdain’s CNN show “Parts Unknown,” according to a news release from CNN. 

On Twitter, Bourdain joked that he footed the bill. 

“Total cost of bun Cha dinner with the President: $6.00. I picked up the check.” 

He also commented on Obama’s way with utensils.

“The President’s chopstick skills are on point.” he wrote on Instagram. 

Our question? Who drank more beer? Our bet is on Bourdain. The eighth season of the show airs in September. 

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