BBQ tricks you need to know for the best grill out ever

Tom Mylan is a co-owner of the Meat Hook butcher shop and the newly-opened Meat Hook Sandwich Shop, both in Williamsburg. But he’s also a trailblazer and pioneer in New York City’s local food scene.

He worked at Marlow & Sons in Williamsburg, one of the first restaurants in Brooklyn to carry locally-made products, and one of the first places to buy and prepare locally-sourced meats. Mylan was the in-house butcher there, a position that he founded. After a couple of years and knowing the demand for local, organic and humanely-raised meats would only grow, Mylan and his partners Brent Young and Ben Turley struck out on their own, and opened the Meat Hook butcher shop.

You could say he knows a few things about not only butchering but also the role Brooklyn and New York City has played in the still growing local food movement. He’s been at the forefront of it, and has been sharing his knowledge the whole time. “The Meat Hook Meat Book” is filled with stories about the food revolution, as well as simple to follow recipes, tricks of the trade and instructions on how to break down whole pigs, kill chickens and cook with tongue, trotters and more.

Mylan shares with us some of his tricks on how to make your BBQ the best ever. He’s basically the authority on this, so pay attention.