Fireball Whisky wings and more booze-coated meat at Buffalo Wild Wings

Chicken shots, anyone?

The catering for your next #fratparty is totally covered.

Buffalo Wild Wings has launched a new boozy menu in collaboration with Boston Beer Company, purveyors of refreshing alcoholic beverages like Samuel Adams Beer and Angry Orchard Hard Cider.

The new menu, available through August 30th, takes boozy food to a whole new leverl, with menu items including a flatbread slathered in Samuel Adams Rebel IPA Caesar dressing and a chicken sandwich topped with a Angry Orchard hard cider-soaked peach salsa.

Perhaps most exciting is the Angry Orchard Fiery Apple limited edition sauce, made with Fireball Cinnamon Whisky! Yes, you can have Fireball-coated chicken wings or boneless wings.

If you feel the need to get sauced before trying this exotic menu, two special cocktails have been added, a Peach Cider Cooler and a Vanilla Berry Lager. 

The Buffalo Wild Wings closest to Murray Hill is located at 253 W. 47th St.

We tried a batch of the Angry Orchard Fiery Apple wings and were pleasantly surprised. Sticky, sweet, spicy and highly addicting, neither cinnamon nor whiskey stood out as a flavor, but that didn’t stop us from licking our fingers clean.