Fall 2018 cookbooks: New offerings from Christina Tosi, Anita Lo and more

It’s fall cookbook season. Whether you want to learn how to make your favorite restaurant dish at home, find out a few industry secrets or just salivate over food photography, check out these new offerings from NYC restaurants and chefs.

‘A Very Serious Cookbook’

By: Jeremiah Stone and Fabián von Hauske (with Alison Roman)

You know them from: Michelin-starred, Lower East Side tasting-menu-only restaurant Contra and nearby natural-wine bar Wildair (and also the recent reboot of Una Pizza Napoletana)

The deal: Explore the mainstays, seasonal and rare one-time dishes (through chapters titled Always, Sometimes and Never) from the restaurants, as well as learn more about the friendship between the two chefs, in this playful cookbook.

Recipe to try: Wildair’s chocolate hazelnut tart

Good for: Ambitious home cooks who care about plating, and appreciate more than just recipes in a cookbook

Out: Oct. 15

Price: $49.95

‘Emily: The Cookbook’

By: Emily Hyland and Matthew Hyland

You know them from: Explosive pizzeria Emily (with locations in Clinton Hill and the West Village) and spinoff Emmy Squared (in Williamsburg, the East Village and Nashville); a new, grilled-pizza concept is also in the works for the East Village later this fall

The deal: The husband-and-wife team behind the hit restaurants share recipes for their wood-fired and Detroit-style pizzas (no wood-fired oven required), as well as football season-friendly snacks like hot wings.

Recipe to try: The famed Emmy Burger

Good for: Pizza, burger and Emily lovers

Out: Oct. 16

Price: $30

‘Korean Home Cooking’

By: Sohui Kim (with Rachel Wharton)

You know her from: Korean-inflected Red Hook eatery The Good Fork and Korean BBQ and karaoke spot Insa in Gowanus

The deal: Get an education in Korean cooking — including classics like the street food soondae (blood sausage) and mung bean pancakes — in your own home with Kim’s follow-up to her 2016 cookbook “The Good Fork Cookbook” (also written with Wharton), while also learning more about the acclaimed, Seoul-born chef.

Recipe to try: All the banchan

Good for: Adventurous home cooks whose kitchens are always stocked with kimchi

Out: Oct. 16

Price: $35

‘All About Cake’

By: Christina Tosi

You know her from: The Momofuku bakery empire Milk Bar — with nine locations in NYC alone since its founding 10 years ago — and the recent bakery-focused season of “Chef’s Table” on Netflix

The deal: The third cookbook from the face of Milk Bar is, all the title states, all about cake, with recipes for its iconic naked layer cakes, alongside classic confections like Bundts and poundcakes.

Recipe to try: Cake truffles

Good for: Completists who already have Tosi’s other cookbooks, and have spent a pretty penny on the bakery’s cake and cookie mixes

Out: Oct. 23

Price: $35

‘Cocktail Codex’

By: Alex Day and David Kaplan (with Nick Fauchald)

You know them from: Proprietors LLC, the hospitality group behind influential cocktail bar Death & Co, among others

The deal: The authors follow up 2014’s “Death & Co” with this visual guide to craft cocktails, with recipes for both original and classic libations.

Recipe to try: Classic Manhattan

Good for: New Yorkers who make space for a home bar

Out: Oct. 30

Price: $40


By: Anita Lo

You know her from: Annisa, which closed last year after 17 years in Greenwich Village

The deal: Most recipes are built around family-sized servings. But for those who are cooking for one, Lo sees you, with this cookbook of globally-inspired recipes.

Recipe to try: Chicken pho

Good for: Parties of one still mourning the loss of Annisa

Out: Oct. 30

Price: $28.95

‘I Am a Filipino’

By: Nicole Ponseca and Miguel Trinidad

You know them from: East Village Filipino restaurants Maharlika and Jeepney

The deal: The restaurateurs bring their celebration of Filipino cooking to a wider audience with their debut cookbook, which demonstrates the cuisine’s global influences.

Recipe to try: National dishes like kare-kare (oxtail stew)

Good for: Filipinos — or fans of the food — looking for modern takes on the cuisine

Out: Oct. 30

Price: $35


By: Alessandro Biggi, Francesco Brachetti and Alberto Gramigni

You know them from: “Shark Tank” winners behind the all-avocado restaurant, with locations in Industry City and Chelsea’s Terminal Stores

The deal: Yes, you can find recipes for avocado toast and guacamole, but also more innovative fare like the restaurant’s signature avo burger.

Recipe to try: Guac-fried tots with pico de gallo

Good for: Avocado aficionados looking for new tricks

Out: Dec. 4

Price: $19.99