Free burgers to be served up in Manhattan at Distilled NY

Mark your calendars: Sept. 3 is National Welsh Rarebit Day, and New Yorkers can celebrate this holiday with a free burger at Distilled NY.

The Welsh rarebit, a traditional dish consisting of a savory cheese sauce poured over grilled or toasted bread, inspired chef Shane Lyons from Distilled NY to team up with Visit Wales to concoct a burger version of the dish. Exclusively served at the celebratory “cook-in” on Sept. 3 and 4, the specialized lamb burger will feature a rarebit cheese sauce, Dijon mustard, pickled mustard seeds and onions.

But this burger won’t last all day — head to Distilled NY early, as the chef will be serving only 100 of these unique burgers. The catch: You’ll need to buy something off the menu to get a free burger.

Distilled NY is located at 211 W. Broadway in lower Manhattan, and is open from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. on Sept. 3. Visit distilledny.com for more information.