Glaser’s Bake Shop impending closing finds fans flocking for final black and white cookies

Glaser's Bake Shop in Yorkville is attracting long lines, despite rain and noisy construction, before it officially closes on Sunday.
Glaser’s Bake Shop in Yorkville is attracting long lines, despite rain and noisy construction, before it officially closes on Sunday. Photo Credit: Warner Bros. / Ronald Grant Archi / Mary Evans

New Yorkers are saying their last “goodbyes” and loading up on goodies at the beloved Glaser’s Bake Shop before it closes for good on Sunday.

Despite ear-splitting noise from street work right in front of the bakery, about two dozen sweet-toothed fans of the Yorkville staple stood firmly in line along the First Avenue sidewalk, in true New York fashion.

“It’s just that serious,” said Michaela Tummings, a visiting customer from D.C. She only had 36 hours in the city for work, and she made sure to stop at Glaser’s for black and white cookies one last time.

“It’s the last great bastion of New York’s great staples,” she said. “I’m sad to see it go. They treat you like family — I had a grandma I didn’t know I needed in there.”

An Upper East Side resident, Jani Mann, said she loved the low-key atmosphere — and the frosting on the black and whites.

“There’s nothing fancy about this place. It’s old-fashioned, family-owned and its stuff is great,” she said. “It’s sad, but I will lose weight.”

And Herb Glaser, 65, who’s run the 116-year-old family business for 43 years, along with his elder (by two years) brother, will gain retirement.

Standing outside the store, Herb Glaser noted that there have been lines out the door for the past week.

“It’s a little crazy right now,” he told amNewYork. “The lines are absolutely insane. The black and whites are selling like crazy.”

A tray of Glaser's signature black and whites.
A tray of Glaser’s signature black and whites. Photo Credit: Marisol Diaz-Gordon

Glaser said the shop has been a constant in the community thanks to its support and the fact that his family owns the building at 1670 First Ave.

“We’ve had their support all of the years — they’ve kept us going,” he said. Closing “is sad, but the neighborhood has changed a lot. If my grandfather hadn’t bought the building, we would have been gone long ago.”

Glaser’s nephew worked with them part-time, but has chosen a different career path.

Despite only having a few days left, Glaser and his staff are still baking. As of Thursday afternoon, there were cookies ready to go in the oven, Glaser said.

All of its goodies will be sold off on Sunday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., though Glaser suspects they’ll sell out sooner than 3.

Once the shop shutters, he’ll be on his way to New Paltz, where he’ll retire and enjoy hobbies like hiking, gardening, repairing antique clocks and possibly picking up the organ again.

“I’m moving upstate to the peace and quiet of the country — I’m ready for it.”

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