Museum of Ice Cream in NYC is like a Willy Wonka-inspired dream world

At the Museum of Ice Cream, there’s a pool filled with rainbow “sprinkles.” Photo Credit: Georgia Kral

A sensory experience awaits at the Museum of Ice Cream.

The sold-out Meatpacking District pop-up, open until Sept. 4, features a trippy chocolate room, a sprinkle-filled pool and helium balloons made of sugar. Naturally, the museum offers up ice cream from the likes of Oddfellows and Chinatown Ice Cream Factory.

Co-founder Maryellis Bunn said the museum was a childhood dream that turned into a reality. It definitely feels a little like a dream, indeed.

Bunn told amNY.com there are no plans to take the museum on the road — yet.

“Everyone’s super excited about it,” she said. “After this, we can evaluate what the next steps are.