Pizza Hut evolution includes flavored crusts and drizzles

Pizza Hut is going through a brand overhaul and it sounds pretty hip to us. Sriracha? Check. Pretzel crust? Check.

They are calling it a “brand evolution” and that includes: 10 new crust flavors, including Honey Sriracha and Ginger Boom Boom; five new ingredients, from spinach to Peruvian cherry peppers; four new “flavor-packed drizzles,” (Balsamic, Buffalo) and Skinny Slice pies. Yes, Pizza Hut is chasing the thin pie craze.

Other new menu items worth mentioning: banana peppers and Get Curried Away crust flavor.

Yes, American’s are interested in hybrid food items and crazy combinations. But has Pizza Hut taken this too far? Will you try the Sweet Sriracha Dynamite?

Here’s how Pizza Hut describes it: “Honey Sriracha sauce topped with grilled chicken, sliced jalapeño peppers, sweet pineapple and Peruvian cherry peppers – flavored up with honey Sriracha on the crust edge and a honey Sriracha sauce drizzle.”

Flavor it up!