Taco Bell debuts Naked Egg Taco, a new, tortilla-free breakfast item

If you missed – or just really miss – the short-lived Taco Bell creation that substituted a piece of fried chicken for a tortilla, well, there’s a new mock shell at the Bell.

The mad scientists at the fast-Mexican chain are concerned about your breakfast hunger pains too, and on Tuesday announced the new Naked Egg Taco. Yes, that is a fried egg taking the place of the taco shell, holding in cheese, potatoes and bacon or sausage. 

Those not easily shell-shocked can purchase the N.E.T. starting Aug. 31. 

New Yorkers, however, don’t have to wait. A reservation-only Thursday tasting event in SoHo will let you foodgram this creation early; head to opentable.com to secure your spot. Select tastings will occur in cities including Chicago and Austin, Texas, with NYC grabbing first bites.

If you miss out, Taco Bell said in a news release that “additional seatings will be released leading up to the menu item’s debut.” Or, you can wait until its official release, and pay $1.99 for the limited-edition item. 

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