Fall drunk in love with a boozy Watermelon Wedge recipe

Get wasted on watermelon this summer.

Astoria’s The Bonnie (29-12 23rd Ave.) lets you drink watermelon Beyoncè style, no surfboards involved, with their boozy Watermelon Wedge.

Certified horticulturist and head bartender Mike DiTota (also of popular Astoria bar Sweet Afton) created a fruity drink that you can eat with your hands! Sweet, refreshing and packed with booze, a sprinkle of salt and shredded herbs — DiTota sources from the bar’s rooftop garden — on top add a nice hint of savory flavor as you bite into this tasty treat.

Watermelon Wedge

2 parts rum
1 part St-Germain elderflower liqueur
1 part white port
1 part lemon juice


1) Cut watermelon as desired. Di Tota recommends long spears with rind attached as a handle, but cubes– boozy fruit salad, anyone?– would work equally well.

2) Mix liquids and pour to cover fruit. Marinate at least overnight, up to two days (or longer, depending on desired strength).

3) Top with fresh herbs like mint, basil and lemon balm and a sprinkling of chunky Maldon sea salt.

Devour and fall drunk in love with this easy edible cocktail!