The wastED veggie burger pops up at Shake Shack

When Chef Dan Barber of Blue Hill and Blue Hill at Stone Barns restaurants unveiled the wastED pop-up culinary experience in the spring, everyone was talking about a few things, namely, how is it that so much delicious food can be made with the scraps of other foods? 

Devised as a way to show consumers that food is thrown away much more than necessary,  the pop-up, held at Blue Hill and featuring a different highly regarded chef each night, was a success. The restaurant was full for two weeks and every food writer and chef was there and writing about it.

And now the idea has hit the mainstream: Shake Shack announced Wednesday that it will sell 500 wastED Juice Pulp Cheeseburgers, created by Barber, this Friday, May 29.

“We at Shake Shack are inspired by his recent work to raise awareness of all awastea in the links of the food chain and repurpose it in a creative and engaging way,” said Mark Rosati, Culinary Director at Shake Shack.

Each main ingredient in the wastED Juice Pulp Cheeseburger would have been thrown away or composted. The patty is made with leftover vegetable pulp from a cold-pressed juice operation. Toppings include: green leaf lettuce, melted cheese from Jasper Hill cheese trimmings, bruised beet ketchup and honey mustard mayo. It’s served on a repurposed bread bun that incorporates a mash made from stale rye bread.

The newly-opened Madison Square Park will sell the burgers for $8.95, with $1 going to City Harvest. They will be available first-come, first-served.