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Future Spa pop-up launches at Standard, East Village hotel in NYC

Juice cleanses are so last year. For the ultimate detox, try liquid nitrogen blasts, infrared heat wraps and IV drips.

At Future Spa: Drip, Chill and Shine, a pop-up launching April 9 at the Standard East Village hotel, three brands are coming together to provide the latest in spa treatments.

“It’s on the cutting-edge side of spa and therapy,” said Anthony Arango, owner of CryoSphere Cryotherapy, which provides cold therapy treatments using liquid nitrogen. “They complement each other.”

In addition to CryoSphere Cryotherapy, the pop-up features NutriDrip, which specializes in IV therapy, and HigherDOSE, which offers a full-body detox using infrared heat. Visitors can choose one, two or all three of the treatments (for $149 total).

“Everyone I think today is more health-conscious, especially in New York,” said Arango, who plans to open a facility in midtown next month that will offer a similar experience as the pop-up, with his cryotherapy, NutriDrip’s IV therapy and more. “It appeals to millennials and the retirement age — it’s all natural.”

Here’s a look at the three services available at Future Spa, which runs Saturdays in April from 11 a.m.-4 p.m.:


The two-year-old company's IV vitamin infusions are known
Photo Credit: NutriDrip /

The two-year-old company's IV vitamin infusions are known as a "hangover cure," said co-founder Asa Kitfield, and help replenish and re-energize clients. The service is typically offered only in-home, so those interested can try a quick drip (10 minutes) or full hydration drip (25-40 minutes) at the pop-up starting at $99 -- half the cost of the at-home service. NutriDrip's B12 and glutathione booster shots will also be available for free.

CryoSphere Cryotherapy

During its cyro facial, guests will experience a
Photo Credit: NutriDrip /

During its cyro facial, guests will experience a blast of liquid nitrogen as cold as 160 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes. The cold therapy treatment triggers the release of anti-inflammatory molecules and endorphins that result in a "euphoric feeling," Arango said. "It's tricking the body into healing itself."


Sauna fans can go to the next level
Photo Credit: NutriDrip /

Sauna fans can go to the next level with HigherDOSE's body wrap detox, which uses infrared heat to burn upward of 600 calories per hour. At the pop-up, guests can experience a 30- to 35-minute detox ($45), which is preceded by a shot of a cayenne-based juice to help make you sweat even more and followed by coconut oil to rub on your skin. During the treatment, clients typically listen to music or meditate. "That's the biggest thing at the moment," said founder Lauren Berlingeri. "Or you can do work on your phone." In addition to the pop-up, you can find HigherDOSE at its new permanent location at 21 E. First St., slated to open April 10.


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