Halloween tips: 6 easy ways to have a healthy holiday

Have Halloween candy in moderation - and get rid of anything you don't like.
Have Halloween candy in moderation – and get rid of anything you don’t like. Photo Credit: FLICKR/ ccho

Avoid the sugar high this Halloween.

Dr. Dyan Hes, an obesity expert and the medical director at Gramercy Pediatrics, provides these tips and activities for a healthier Halloween — that still includes candy.


Bake pumpkin seeds:

When carving pumpkins, don’t just throw away those pumpkin seeds, but roast them for a fun, easy snack. “It’s super healthy,” says Hes.


Wear a pedometer:

Instead of counting up candy, make a game out of how much distance you can cover in a night by equipping your kids with pedometers.


Take the stairs:

Similarly, instead of taking the elevator in building, hit the stairs and get climbing.


Drink water:

Have your kids tote around some water or seltzer to rehydrate on Halloween — not sugary drinks. “Sugar-sweetened drinks are thought to be the largest culprits leading to childhood obesity,” says Hes. “This includes juices.”


Get rid of the candy you don’t like:

Once your kids get their haul, have them sort through it and weed out the candy they don’t like. “Pick out 20 to 30 pieces that you like, and get rid of the rest,” says Hes. You can bring it to work, or trade it in at participating dentist offices for money through “buyback” programs.


Stretch it out:

Once they weed out their candy, make sure to make it last by limiting it to a few candies each week. “It’s all about moderation,” says Hes. “You don’t have to finish it all in the next two days. Most of that stuff doesn’t go bad.”