Toy Foundation grants enhance pediatric care in underprivileged communities

toy foundation
Photo courtesy of Toy Foundation

In a bid to uplift the spirits of hospitalized children in under-resourced communities, The Toy Foundation™, the charitable arm of The Toy Association™, has allocated a staggering $380,000 across 20 children’s hospitals and health systems. This significant investment comes as part of the 2024 Children’s Hospital Play Grants program, poised to benefit over 240,000 children in need across the nation.

The initiative, aimed at bolstering innovative play therapy projects, has been lauded for its capacity to substantially augment the care, wellbeing, and treatment outcomes of young patients. Among the recipients are esteemed institutions such as The Bronx’s Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, Brooklyn’s Maimonides Medical Center, and Albany’s The Bernard & Millie Ducker Children’s Hospital at Albany Medical Center.

Recent findings underscore the pivotal role of play in enhancing the overall patient experience, with access to such activities demonstrating a remarkable 98 percent elevation. Yet, the realization of these play therapy projects often hinges upon external funding or donations, underscoring the critical need addressed by The Toy Foundation’s Children’s Hospital Play Grants program.

Notably, these grants are directed towards hospitals where 50 percent or more of patients rely on Medicaid, ensuring that the benefits of play therapy are extended to those who need it most. The projects slated for 2024 encompass a diverse array of initiatives, including sensory toy stations, arts and crafts programs, as well as upgrades to playrooms and waiting areas. These enhancements are expected to be completed by year-end, promising a brighter, more engaging environment for pediatric patients undergoing treatment.

Speaking on the initiative, representatives from The Toy Foundation emphasized the profound impact of play in nurturing the holistic pediatric care model. By addressing the emotional and psychological needs of hospitalized children, these grants not only facilitate recovery but also instill hope and resilience in the face of adversity.

As communities continue to grapple with the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic, the importance of initiatives like the Children’s Hospital Play Grants program cannot be overstated. Through concerted efforts and collaborative partnerships, organizations like The Toy Foundation are forging a path towards a future where every child, regardless of circumstance, can find solace and joy in the power of play.