Where to work out and get out while social distancing in New York City

A path leading to Empire- Fulton Ferry State Park. (Alex Mitchell)

Taking care of yourself is also a very important element of staying in good physical and mental health during this time of quarantine.

While maintaining proper social distancing protocol, here are some gorgeous and outdoor places to work out or just clear your head around the five boroughs:

West Street on the Hudson River

Head to this westbound and lengthy waterfront for unbeatable views of the World Trade Center and lower Manhattan while running or cycling as the sun glistens over the Hudson River and takes your mind just a little bit of the world’s current circumstances — not to mention you could give a thank you wave to the USS Comfort crew as well.

Astoria Park

Take a run beneath the Hell Gate and RFK Bridges on the East River while looking at the Midtown Skyline from a unique and approximately thirty degree angle over the water. Astoria Park also has a track for use at its southernmost end.

Hunters Point/Gantry State Park

This waterfront pier and surrounding grounds offer what is close to hands down the greatest view of the city skyline from the outer boroughs. There’s also tons of room to run, walk, and isolate yourself on this Long Island City waterfront.

Great Kills Park

This beachfront on Staten Island is an ideal place to head by the water, get some fresh air and work out those COVID-19 blues.

Roosevelt Island

Already desolate in compassion to the other portions of Manhattan, running or walking through Roosevelt Island and beneath the Queensboro Bridge is a sure-fire way to get the clear-headedness you need while still social distancing.

Fort Tilden

This former US Army installation turned beach and boardwalk is the opportune space in the Rockaways to escape from all the bummers going on nowadays.

Empire- Fulton Ferry State Park

Going here even gives you a free pass at Manhattan Bridge selfie on Washington Street.

This waterfront in between that structure along with the Brooklyn Bridge is a great pathway to run and overlook lower Manhattan while getting some fresh, sea air.

Stepped Streets of the West Bronx

What’s wrong with a little Rocky Balboa training for the day?

The Bronx, particularly the west side of the borough, has more stepped streets than the rest of NYC — and is perfect for some elevated cardio in lieu of a stair master at a closed gym. That way you won’t worry about anyone staring at you during your inclined workout. Come on, we could all use some corny humor nowadays.

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