Name a roach after a loved one this Valentine’s Day courtesy of the Bronx Zoo

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Photo: Julie Larsen Maher © WCS

And they say romance is dead — the Bronx Zoo is bringing back its annual Valentine’s Day Name-a-Roach gift package for 2022.

For more than 10 years, the Bronx Zoo has offered the opportunity to symbolically name one of the zoo’s 10,000-plus giant Madagascar hissing cockroaches. Name-a-Roach offers a fun, tongue-in-cheek Valentine’s Day gift that shows your loved ones know your feelings will last a lifetime while helping further the mission of the Bronx Zoo and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Each Name-a-Roach valentine costs $15 and comes with a color certificate that is emailed to the recipient and lets them know that a cockroach has been named in their honor. There are other gift packages available, including:

  • Socks or beanie (plus certificate) $35
  • Socks + Wild Encounter (plus certificate) $60
  • Beanie + Wild Encounter (plus certificate) $60
  • The Works (socks, beanie, Wild Encounter, and certificate) $75

All upgrades are available while supplies last.

Name-a-Roach began in 2011 with thousands of donators from around the world naming the zoo’s Madagascar hissing cockroaches friends, family, and loved ones, and even names inspired by movies, music, politics and more. The Madagascar hissing roach is the largest roach species in the world at nearly four inches long, however they aren’t considered pests and rarely enter homes.

For more information or to send your own valentine, visit BronxZoo.com/Roach.

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