Need a mom? You can hire one in Bushwick

Need a Mom can be your mom, but not, like, your actual mom. 

She won’t question your lifestyle, but will review your resume. She won’t be judgmental about your hair or your friends, but she will make you pie.

Are you a young person in Brooklyn craving the creature comforts mom used to provide? There’s a clever woman named Nina Keneally who can help.

Keneally told The Daily Beast about some recent and upcoming jobs: checking on a student recovering from surgery, helping a young person sort through a closet and decide what to keep and what to throw away, and offering council to another who’d recently lost a job.

If you need someone to act like a chill mom, and you have at least $40 to spare (that’s her hourly rate), check out Need a Mom and see what a “mom” can do for you!