Puppy products every new dog owner will need

Thinking about welcoming a puppy into your family?

Celebrate National Puppy Day on Thursday by adopting a fluffy new friend of your own.

But keep in mind, puppies are a lot of work. To prepare, amNewYork asked Nilda Ruiz, manager of Canine Styles on Lexington Avenue, to share the best products to prep for a new pup.

“Puppies will be overwhelming because they’re puppies,” Ruiz said. “Never be afraid to ask questions … You’ve got a vet and you’re not sure, dial that number, call the vet and explain it to [them] and they’ll help you, whatever it is. Come to your local store and find out what they might have that might help you, whatever the problem that you’re facing.”

Below, a few puppy essentials from Canine Styles to get you started.

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