This teen’s prom date was his cat, and the photos are purrfect

This teen’s prom pictures with his purrfect date are better than yours ever were.

In typical high school prom pose style, Sam Steingard, an 18-year-old from Maryland, shared a photo of himself with his date — only the dolled-up gal was his cat, Ruby. 

He first shared the photo to his Facebook page last May, but it took off on Imgur on Monday thanks to his sister, Caroline Steingard. 

“My brother took our cat to prom … he couldn’t find a date,” Caroline wrote on the image-sharing site. The photo has since been viewed more than 163,000 times.

Instant. Fame.

Steingard went all-out for the special occasion. He even matched his tie to Ruby’s hot pink prom dress, making it clear he really, really likes his cat. And from the looks of it, Ruby finds him dreamy as well. 

“The cat is so into this,” a commenter wrote under the Imgur photo.

“+1 for cat expression,” another wrote.

Unfortunately for Ruby, her big night was cut short after an evening of posing for photos. She wasn’t actually allowed to accompany her human date to the party, Steingard told Buzzfeed