Bronx man cuffed for storing stockpile of guns in home: cops

Stockpile of guns seized from Bronx home
A Bronx man was cuffed on Friday for hoarding a stockpile of weapons, police said.

A Bronx man was cuffed on Friday for hoarding a stockpile of guns, police said.

Police sources confirmed the raid on Sunday, telling amNewYork Metro that the NYPD conducted a search warrant at a home located at 932 Rhinelander Ave. in Morris Park at around 5:44 a.m. on Dec. 15.

During the warranted search, officers found an array of firearms from revolvers to rifles, and a mass of ammunition.

Cops say 64-year-old Larry Finkelstein, who resides at the location, was cuffed for storing the armaments without a license or permission to do so.

Many of the 13 weapons recovered, police reported, appeared to be older firearms from the last century, leading sources familiar with the investigation to believe Finkelstein was not selling them but instead collecting the deadly weapons. The purpose for this remains under investigation.

Officers also recovered a small number of illegal drugs during the search. However, police did not state what kind of illegal substance was recovered.

“Thirteen firearms were removed from the Bronx this week after a successful search warrant was executed. The individual in possession of these guns was placed under arrest as NY’s Finest continues to keep NYC safe,” the NYPD wrote in a social media post.

Finkelstein was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and possession of a controlled substance.

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